E Market Briefing For Thursday, Jan. 6

And it was not limited to the Capitol, as the 'intent' of all this is broader. Given 3 IED's found, and concurrent demonstrations in Colorado, Wisconsin, even in Las Vegas, well clearly there's an organizational structure involved. As this was an insurrection, you not only find those people, but the FBI actively needs to arrest ringleaders.

Executive summary:

  • Let me say that 'all' of these recent events would be different if not for a long-lasting 'pandemic', which forms a backdrop that impacted everything including 'voting procedure' changes in states, or a Missouri Senator with ambition promoting upheaval and disdain of the Supreme Court (in which Trump picks notably honored their Constitutional responsibility).
  • Hence if more states had proper mail-in voting (like Florida does now), as I've noted before, the basis for voting irregularity claims wouldn't exist and you'd likely have had a properly-contested vote and transition.
  • People are frustrated, often struggling, typically fatigued by COVID, and in a mood where (through no help from social media) having no 'closure' as regards the 2020 Election, and all of that undermines 'confidence'.
  • Hence you saw Trump's greatest 'reality show' today, 'trumping' earlier super-spreader rallies and so on, and one can hope there's no sequel.
  • Market strength, buoyed by Oil, was surprisingly strong after Senate loss based on the Georgia vote, clearly moving stocks to realize the increased spending will become a focus, evidenced by rising infrastructure stocks.
  • This occurred before the Trump-inspired (as some term it) insurrection, and the market did very well to retain most of the gains through the day.
  • President Trump is accused of 'lighting the flame of this day' and we don't see a reason to dispute that, so as noted, ramifications may ensue.
  • How history records this is an ongoing process or situation, which fits the nature of what we have accused foreign interlopers of trying to provoke, so contemplate the implications as many have about 'motivations',
  • Does the 'Disruptor in Chief' (whose disruptions were helpful to normalize economics over 2-3 years ago) go away, go forward, switch to supporting a 'transfer of power' (no longer peaceful after he was willing to throw all under the bus), or oddly enough resign and try to evade prosecution.
  • Seriously prosecution (from the Southern District of New York if not other agencies) might be a reason to 'feign' COVID-after-effects, impaired mental agility, or other 'plausible explanations' for increasingly bizarre behavior.
  • Because if Pence became a brief President, he could 'pardon' Trump, do remember that this President (on top of everything) broke the law with his telephone call to Georgia's Sec'y. of State last week, and more or less his threats to Vice President Pence.
  • Enough, this is all insanity, and I thought 2020 ended (hah), even security issues were ridiculous, especially since there was at least an hour for DC Police to notify Capitol Police of what Trump said to his supporters, so we have more than enough to go-around for the coming 'blame game'.
  • So the Army (National Guard) is deployed, the President can't 'tweet' for now, but he still has the authorities over the nuclear codes, however his National Security Advisor and Deputy, are rumored considering resigning.
  • Even if you do favor Trump, perhaps consider it's time to retire him, oh on medical/mental grounds if nothing else, just to be calm for two weeks, of course realizing the Trump followers may create more diversions.
  • At the same time realizing Mitch McConnell spoke about democracy and stabilizing our society, and that was this morning before the storming.
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