E Market Briefing For Thursday, Jan. 6


We're not going to be pleased if a day like this causes 'even more' restrictions on our daily lives and freedoms, and suspect some will try to do that after this, while we nevertheless continue to bemoan the triggering influence today.

At the same time there ought to be an understanding, that throughout the global pandemic, citizen anxieties expressed themselves fairly publicly, and even violently, regardless of perceived righteousness of their grievances. It falls upon authority figures and politicians to recognize agita: not excuse it, but manage it. Or in this case not inflame it. Time for people to take a step back. Whether doing so includes invoking the 25th Amendment may be next.

Calling for calm 'after' the event doesn't work, especially for those who incited it in the first place, and especially if doing so while reiterating a 'cause celeb'. Nevertheless we understand people's frustrations. So before digging a bit into this insane day (where the stock market was strong), I am sure everyone will pile-onto Donald Trump (with much justification), while neglecting to embrace or understand the underlying mood of many average people, of vets, or those whose lives were marginalized in the pandemic.

Sure, Trump manipulated crowds and is a sore loser (whether he would have lost in different voting regimens isn't the point, it's settled by Court already). I simply am trying to give a nod to the struggles of our citizens, while not at all excusing Trump's 'theater of the absurd', with awareness that something was indeed coming, as has been ruminating for a couple of weeks. 

The stunning vulnerability of the Capitol was bared totally, and while we'll not explore any of it in this report, the entire affair was pathetic, and historic, while not exactly unexpected. For days 'core' Trump supporters had pledged efforts to stop the 'normally procedural' certification-count of the Electoral vote in the joint session of Congress, and there were security meetings about this. Even last night I mentioned the Iranian threat and probable 'air-cover' being readied as well as alerts to Air Traffic Control and so on. Where was the preparation?

We've had protests (Vietnam era), riots, even bombing once by Puerto Rican separatists long ago. But never something like this, so predictable given sheer incitement a couple hours earlier, with what nevertheless was an obvious lack of preparedness for such a confrontation. It's pathetic, and it's shameful.

The breach of the American Capitol, for the first time since the War of 1812, when the British attacked and burned it, should offend every patriotic American, as opposed to those 'thinking' they're being patriotic (some not smart enough to know otherwise). We'll call most of them knuckleheads, to be relatively kind. For sure there are genuine Republican patriots who feel the Election wasn't totally proper, but they too agreed the time to end the rancor was before today. And yes, many red-blooded Americans lean toward Trump, but not this lunacy and they dismiss assaults against his character, because they don't know him.

Once the Supreme Court upheld the lower courts, that was the point to cease and desist the disruptions. That was the point for Trump to concede and face a reality, but instead he did what Bill Maher warned of: hunkering down, riling people up, and perhaps immovable, yet to be dragged from the Oval Office (probably to his nearest golf course ..ha). After this day, his plans may shift.

Finally delivering mixed messages telling supporters to 'go home', Mr. Trump (who some think should be asked not to 'step-up' by Biden, but to 'step-down') expressed 'harmony' with the mob (once they breached the Capitol they were no longer protestors but rioters) engaged in open sedition. It's just stupidity as well as a lack of knowledge of civics, and how little often-well-meaning people know about Constitutional procedures. Which meant reluctantly accepting the Election results, whether liked or not, once the courts sorted that out.

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