Is The Dollar About To Crash?

I hate to start this note off with some bad news but… there’s just no way we can ignore the elephant in the room any longer. So here goes…

After doing *extensive* research over the last 37-minutes… and when I say extensive, I mean I went DEEP… I probably watched the first 1/13ths of maybe five different 7ish minute-long YouTube videos, clicked on the top four suggested results from a single google search, and finally scrolled through twitter for the remaining half hour.

My findings… well, they are, shall we say… disturbing.And I hate to be the bearer of grave tidings but I call ‘em how I see ‘em and apparently guys and gals,we’re witnessing the complete and total collapse of the fiat US dollar system… a massive debasement of titanic proportions, ensuring the quick end to the US’s exorbitant privilege as the world’s reserve currency…

Shocking, I know… But my sources are credible. This is coming from a wide-range of YouTube influencers with zero background in markets, economics, or finance (so they’re not tainted by bias). I also read some real damning articles on the dollar’s demise from this totally above-the-board website.

Oh… and yeah, some bank called Goldman’s Sach is pretty fired up about the USD’s end too.

I submit the following as evidence to you the jury.

On a somewhat unrelated note, I also learned that Bill Gates is trying to depopulate the world through tainted vaccines (a typical Billy G move). And, as if that wasn’t enough. Apparently… there’s a powerful shadowy satanic worshipping cabal of Democratic pedophiles trying to take down the honorable patriot, Donald Trump.

What a blessing the internet is… To think I was soooooo ignorant before I started this knowledge quest and journeyed into the digital Library of Alexandria that is the interwebs.

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