Indicted Former Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff Was Bribed By Too

I certainly never agreed with you to not post on my blog. The agreement that we had was, was that we would not discuss any matters relating to at the meeting [my presentation at the Utah Attorney General’s 14th Annual White Collar Crime Conference], unless of course it was bought up and I complied with that agreement.

Richard Hamp’s reply:

I fully agree. You did everything I asked you to do, Sammy.

Later, Richard Hamp said:

It puts me in a bad spot as well because I disagree with him [Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff]…. What’s happening here has nothing to do with John [John Kimble, Deputy Attorney General] and I….
What is happening does not reflect my or John’s feelings, wishes, desires, or anything else. What you did is exactly what you promised to do for exactly the price you promised to do it at with no expense on our side and total expense on your side. You promised you would not open the Overstock door while you were here. You didn’t. I have absolutely no fault to you and I have nothing but praise from all the things I’ve read about your presentation….
No one consulted with me or John [Kimble]…. Here, I extend an invitation for you to come out here and do a presentation and you do exactly what it was I asked you to do. You do an excellent job of it and you know, and it makes me feel good, it makes the whole audience feel good, and then afterwards this whole thing happens and it kind of personally embarrasses me, too, at that stage because no one ever consulted with me or and John's, here saying….John here, agrees. To finish the thought, here we invite this poor guy to come out here. He comes out on his own dime and then we slap him in the face. Neither John nor I knew what was going on at the administrative level….

In a follow up phone conversation, Richard Hamp told me:

I am not going to argue any of the points Sammy. Sammy you did exactly what you said you would do for me. Kirk [Chief Deputy Attorney General Kirk Torgensen] even brought up the fact that Sammy agreed not to blog this. I said no, Kirk. We never had a discussion about blogs one way or the other. Sammy agreed he would not mention Overstock during...his presentations. He didn’t. You know. Just so Kirk was on the same page with me.
I am not going to misrepresent what our agreement was. Our agreement was that you wouldn’t mention Overstock while you were here. That was the end of the agreement. In all honesty, I didn’t even think about the blogs to even bring em up or mention em…. I've read it [your blog] and I don't have the same problem parts of my office do have with it....
I really feel bad about it, Sammy, because you did everything I asked you to do and I can’t fault you for any of this. Well there.

At Richard Hamp's suggestion, I called Chief Deputy Attorney General Kirk Torgensen to demand a complete retraction from Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff. At first, Torgensen said:

He [Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff] can apologize to you, but what kind of action do you want?

I demanded that Shurtleff's retraction to be “widely disseminated” in the same manner as Shurtleff's false allegations about me. However, in a follow up phone call, Kirk Torgensen backtracked and told me that Mark Shurtleff “may be stubborn on this thing” and offered an apology from the “Office” of the Utah Attorney General, rather than directly from Shurtleff himself:

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