Forex Day Trading EURUSD Weekly Review – Lessons Learned And Things To Focus On

This is my forex day trading week in review. The weekly review is where I discuss things I need to work on, what I am doing well, my trading plan, and things I do each day and week to stay on top of my EURUSD day trading.

I follow a precise trading plan that includes a few reliable price patterns (there are typically one to three variations of each). I only day trade the EURUSD on the 1-minute chart, and I only trade between 830 and 11 AM EST.

In my weekly review this week I wrote down the trades I missed and how much profit I lost. I also wrote down how many trades I took that I shouldn’t have.

The trades I missed cost me 7.5R (10R if I took an optional “add-on” position). That is money I should have based on my plan, but missed out on because I either didn’t see the trade or opted not to take it. These are mistakes. If it is in the plan, I’m supposed to take the trade.

  • “R” is a standardized risk amount. It could be 1% of the account, 0.5% of the account, or any amount you choose based on your position sizing method.

The trades I took, that were not part of the plan, cost me -2r (actually -1.71).

In my case, not wanting to lose cost me -7.5R, but my actual erroneous losing trades only cost me -2R. Skipping trades to avoid losses is a sure way to miss out on making big returns. Luckily, there were other opportunities out there this week, but I definitely have preferred to be up the extra 9.5R if I followed my plan completely. That said, missing the winners is the biggest issue.

Therefore, in my weekly review, I also noted that I was trading slightly more cautiously than I need to be. I also noted that I need to be more focused. Being distracted can often result in skipping a trade because the due diligence wasn’t put in before and as the trade was setting up. On January 4, had I measured out the consolidation and recent price waves, I would have found that I could take that second snap-back strategy trade and could have easily added another 2.5R to my day and week.

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