Congratulations Mr. Discipline

It was a good week for the Markets and with an NFC win (Tampa Bay), past information states that the markets tend to do better with a National Football Conference win.  Foolish?  Not really, with 74% winning odds of the NFC predicting a positive market the remainder of the year after a win. Wall Street wanted a Tom Brady win and got one.

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What we at Market Gauge were most impressed by and have heard non-stop anecdotes about it, is the DISCIPLINE Tom Brady has in his life.  Any surprise that a 43-year-old can still be an effective quarterback in a young’s man league?

According to good sources including his friends, trainers and NFL commentators, Tom Brady has more discipline than most athletes.  He gets up early, trains, watches his diet, trains more, spends time doing flexibility and balancing activities and hits the hay at 8:30 during the season.

Tom is a disciplinarian, and it shows in not only his ability to continue playing long after others have been able to, but also his history of breaking statistics and his unprecedented 7 winning Super Bowls.  Discipline pays off and Mr. Brady is the best example we have seen in quite some time.

Why is discipline so important to us?  When we first started to convert our floor trading success to off the floor trading and then ultimately to our subscribers the most important part of our mission was to teach rules (a disciplined approach that will work well over time).  They include:

  • Consistency of following patterns, charts, various inputs, and our proprietary technical indicators like our Trend Strength Indicator (TSI) Real Motion and Triple Play
  • Having a plan before we recommend buying any security (stock, ETF, and Index) which will include the price to enter, the targets and the stops to mitigate risk
  • Never question or override the key decision factors so that we interject our opinion or personal political beliefs
  • Remember the two most important rules: 1) mitigate our exposure to losing money; 2) remember rule number 1
  • SELL without question when we get to target and need to peel profits off (we have seen these turn quickly against us) and SELL without question when a sell STOP is activated; no matter what we think of the ETF or Stock
  • We believe in concentrated portfolios in conjunction with superior risk control because that is the best way to exploit a critical statistical edge that has exited forever in the investing world
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