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TapImmune technology has been used in three vaccine clinical trials conducted at the Mayo Clinic. At this time, two of the trials are complete and have moved to the follow up stage. Participants in the study are now being surveyed and monitored for immunologic evaluation and safety. Data gathered from this stage will provide the basis for Phase II of the human clinical trials.

The TPIV vaccines appear to be applicable to a much larger and broader patient population than current standard of care therapies like Herceptin by Roche Pharmaceuticals (OTCQX:RHHBY)which is useful for only 15-20% of the Her2neu Breast Cancer patient population. Keep in mind also that Herceptin (which generated sales in excess of $6 billion last year) is not designed to kill tumor cells (it slows tumor growth). By contrast, the TPIV vaccine is applicable to over 50% of the Her2neu patient population and is also not limited to breast cancer. Her2neu is a target for TPIV in both Colorectal and Ovarian cancer where there are very few therapeutic options.

The TPIV Her2neu vaccine conjugate is unique in that it is designed to stimulate KILLER T Cells and the HELPER T Cells that are needed to SUSTAIN the KILLER cells for a LONG LASTING vaccine that kills tumor cells. Published data also supports a 5 fold increase in killing efficacy compared to the development vaccine known as Neuvax by Galena Biopharma (NASDAQ:GALE) whose Market Cap is currently 30x greater than TapImmune's.

We sense that the platforms and technologies that are currently being developed through TapImmune's contributions will have a lasting impact not just on cancer research, but on immunology as a whole. TapImmune is making great strides in immunology research and the results, so far, appear to be better than most expected.

In addition, during recent corporate presentations management has hinted that various clinical value inflexion points are set to be announced.

As a side bet, the firm is also exploiting the emerging field of vaccinomics for the development of vaccines applicable to a broad patient population. TapImmune's immunotherapy technologies are also aimed at the prevention of emerging viral pathogens for pandemics and biodefense. Recent reports point to TapImmune's PolyStart(TM) technology which boosts the effectiveness of existing vaccines on several cancers and infectious diseases and recent company filings on the matter suggest that TapImmune anticipates that further development in this area will be completed through strategic corporate partnerships. The use of non-dilutive grant funding to progress this area allows management to focus the majority of its internal resources on HER2/neu breast, ovarian and triple negative cancers.

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