A Pleasure Time Beverage Publicly Traded

My newest muse for photos to take as metaphors for the Daily?

Vintage flea markets.

When I came across this vintage piece, I thought immediately about the cannabis industry today. 

Back in the day, the pleasure time beverage was Coca-Cola.

In 1886, a pharmacist invented coke and used the phrase, “The Pause That Refreshes” to market it.

Originally sold as a drug, Coca-Cola claimed it got rid of headaches and fatigue.

Until 1903, the soda contained a significant dose of cocaine.

Cocaine was not made illegal in the United States until 1914.

Until then, cocaine claimed a variety of medical uses.

Cocaine tonics, powders and pills were popularly believed to cure a variety of ailments, from headache and fatigue to constipation, nausea, asthma and impotence.

Although the company removed cocaine from coke, during the Great Depression, people continued to drink it.

Isn’t it ironic then, that 100 years later, beverage companies are back looking into using cannabinoids and THC for medicinal purposes?

Yesterday, I mentioned seven trends to watch for this year.

Today, I focus on one.

Marijuana-with legalization spreading, and the farm bill helping the hemp and CBD business world, there will be opportunities there. Watch the giant beverage, food, and tobacco companies to be on the lookout for smaller cannabis companies they can buy.

After winning the award from RealVision for the best stock pick of 2018, they invited me back to give them a pick for 2019.

It’s not Coca-Cola (KO), which although outperforming the market, is currently in a caution phase.

I am looking at stocks that are not only outperforming the overall market but are also in positive phases.

You can almost count on one hand the stocks in all sectors that are still in bullish phases.

Nonetheless, I found one that meets both criteria-a bullish phase and in a growing megatrend.

As we expect 2019 to be a stock-picker’s market, finding needles in haystacks and making money with those needles by using a specific, tried and true trading strategy, is our main focus.

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