Top 4 Best IOTA Wallets Reviewed

Listening to their users, IOTA made sure to include an automatic re-attachment system this time around, along with many other lifesaving features like snapshot transition and remote Proof-of-Work, which makes transacting on your wallet a dream.

Advanced Security Features

After a glaring lapse in security led to many users being scammed of their funds, the Trinity wallet’s dev team went the extra mile to implement proper safeguards to protect their user’s funds. This enhanced security rests on various keystones like the Seed Vault or Biometric Authentication, creating a new standard of safety in mobile wallets.

Learn How To Setup & Use IOTA Trinity Wallet

GUI IOTA Light Wallet

GUI IOTA Light Wallet graphic

There are reasons for not using the Trinity Wallet. You might not want to trust a wallet that’s been out for less than a year, or maybe you are already used to its predecessor. In any case, the GUI Light Wallet remains a valid choice, albeit a trifle trickier.

If you like to get up close and personal with the technicalities of your transactions (you are a power user who requires advanced control), the GUI Light wallet can fulfill your needs perfectly. While a complete rundown on its abilities can be found on our dedicated guide here, we are presenting a shorter version for a quick look.


Creating seed for GUI IOTA Light Wallet

Open Source

Before Trinity became IOTA’s poster boy, the community collectively developed the GUI Light Wallet. The community still maintains the older application, even though most of the developer efforts have been shifted to over to the Trinity project. However, the long history of its development means that most of the pressing issues have been already dealt with, leaving a mature, tried and tested application.


This is the driving ethos of the GUI Light wallet’s development. For example, many things that the Trinity app black boxes/glosses over (like tangle re-attachment, Snapshot transition, etc.) are gone over step by step in the light wallet. The interface also sports a minimalistic, utilitarian look, leaving little to confuse new users. As a result, the GUI IOTA Light wallet is a good choice for beginners.

Desktop Native

Many people dislike the new ‘candy sweet’ design principles popularized by the explosive growth of mobile apps. Unfortunately for them, most desktop applications are built to be able to work cross-platform, and as such use the same design principles to be able to suit both platforms. The GUI Light wallet, in contrast, works on desktop and desktop alone, and works on the old fashioned design ethics of the PC.

Create your own Seed

A controversial feature is that the GUI IOTA Light wallet does not generate the initial mnemonic seeds by itself. Users are expected to create their own seed, following the simple rules: an alphanumeric string of 81 characters, made up by capitalized alphabets and the number 9.

The problem is, most people seldom go to the trouble of cooking up a random seed by themselves, and instead end up googling a seed generator online. Which, it turns out, is only too easy to find.

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