Top 4 Best IOTA Wallets Reviewed

Best IOTA coin wallets 2019

IOTA is one of the few cryptocurrencies that is unique in its premise and approach. IOTA is based on Tangle; an alternative to Blockchains that increases speed and allows for a higher volume of transactions. Positioned to be the next big thing once the Internet of Things (IoT) takes off in earnest, it is a long term investment choice for many crypto enthusiasts.

But a persistent problem faced by every MIOTA lover is the shortage of good storage options for the crypto. Most of the famous wallets find it difficult to integrate IOTA’s radically different framework with their existing code bases geared toward Blockchain based Bitcoin and Ethereum. As such, many are reduced to holding their assets in the standard paper wallets, which, while secure, lack the ease of use needed to tap into the coin’s true potential.

So join us as we review the best IOTA wallets in terms of security and ease of use in our comprehensive guide.

IOTA Trinity

IOTA trinity wallet graphic

The Trinity Wallet is the IOTA foundation’s silver bullet for boosting adoption of the MIOTA token in the public. To this end, the wallet boasts one of the most user-friendly interfaces of any crypto storage application in the market. More importantly, it works on mobile as well as desktop, making it the best cross-platform solution for IOTA.

With some pioneering quality of life features like automatic tangle re-attachment and improved security measures like biometric authentication, the Trinity Wallet leaves no stone unturned in making your IOTA journey as painless as possible.

We would highly recommend reading our in-depth guide of the Trinity Wallet; it covers the many features of this wonderful app in painstaking detail and discusses why exactly this application is such a big deal for IOTA’s future.

If you are short on time though, here are the basics of what it has to offer.


IOTA Trinity wallet

Open Source

The Trinity Wallet has been developed in conjunction with the IOTA community. Every change and added functionality has been vetoed by public opinion, ensuring a robust and relevant application.

Extensively tested

The application was released on multiple platforms in a tiered system designed to root out all major bugs and issues before the public announcement. Even after that, the dev team keeps reviewing new features to add, incorporating suggestions and changes raised by users and addressing any remaining issues.


The principal focus of the Trinity is to provide the smoothest experience possible to its users. The interface is slick and clean, just what you have come to expect in the age of Apple’s impeccable design practices. At no point does the app feel cluttered or overwhelming, depending rather on simplicity to make the user’s life easier.

Improved Quality of Life

A very big problem with the IOTA wallets was the requirement to manually attach and re-attach to the Tangle network. This technical and highly error-prone process drove away many users who were used to the plug and play functionality offered by the usual blockchain based wallets.

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