The Working Class Challenge

Yes, Bill, the government keeps changing the rules. If you want reasonable interest income, you run the risk of default.

Low-interest rates may be the new order, but there is nothing natural about it. Why is the stock market high, despite a sluggish economy? Where else can investors go to protect their wealth?

Challenging? Yes. Helpless? No.

On one positive note, people are waking up. One ROMEO member remarked, “Regardless of how we made our money, we are all money managers now.” Turns out he was a prophet. We can’t afford to be passive.

Here is a good place to start:

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“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength.” — Marcus Aurelius, Meditations

We demand our government reinstate Glass-Steagall, return to the gold standard, reign in spending and stop bailing out the banks. We then complain when nothing happens, regardless of which political party is in its current favor.

That ship has sailed. The government is hell-bent on free stuff for everyone, no matter what the cost! Print and pretend it is real money….

Once we accept that we have no power over these events, but we still have power over our minds and nest egg, we can move forward.

Opinions are like noses; we all have one!

Here’s my opinion. While we can look at history; a lot of financial professionals tout computer-generated trading and investment allocations; we must be cautious. They are based on history.

Since the bank bailouts, interest rates have hit historic lows, the political class is going nuts, government deficit spending worldwide is astronomical and lab-created viruses have weakened us all medically and economically, while no one trusts the media.

These are unprecedented times; no historical model factored in these events in 2008 & 2015; we have no clue about what is coming next.

Some (myself included) believe hyperinflation will come (eventually) followed by a currency collapse. Who knows what else? The collapse of the economy, government, war, or civil war? Like the old cliché, expect the unexpected.

You mentioned taxation. Our article about Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) outlines the political agenda. True advocates of MMT wouldn’t raise taxes, they would lavish free money for everyone. Tax increases would just be political window dressing.

I feel the real threat to our wealth is inflation. While the government may think they can keep it under control, they can’t…or the Weimar Republic, Argentina, Zimbabwe, and other countries would have done so.

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