The Working Class Challenge

The Working Class Challenge

Shortly after publishing our article, “What Happens When All Our Wealth Is Gone?” I received a heartfelt letter from subscriber Bill C. He speaks for many concerned, hard-working people:

“First, I want to THANK YOU for writing a top-notch and informative newsletter. It is one of the few emails that I get that I read immediately upon receipt.

…. During the last little while, I have been concerned about my (our) financial future given all the nonstop spending by the Washington elite. …. I fear there is no possibility of pain-free retirement.

Here is my dilemma and maybe you could use this as fodder for some future writings and “advice”. My wife and I have been good at saving for retirement (not great but good) and I’m concerned with how to best “protect” that resource going forward. I’d like to think that others are asking the same question: “What can I do to first “protect” what we have saved, and then what could we do to “grow it” just in case we end up living forever (ha! ha!).

I realize there are several investment techniques such as dividend investing, covered calls, etc. but, and a really big “BUT”; we are exposed to the inevitable whims of the market and always the possibility of a catastrophic hit to the portfolio. The biggest unknown is the government. They can change the rules at any time.

When I think about this kind of stuff, I realize that there really isn’t anyone that you could have a conversation with, that is a current financial professional, who can or will really be able to provide good, sane advice other than invest in the market, with many pushing you into their fee-based products.

For instance, would it be smarter, at this point in time, to invest in real estate versus stocks, bonds, etc.? My thinking is besides having something tangible; it would be a way to “protect” my money from the government tax hounds because I’m sure that as we go further down the rabbit hole of spending and giving everyone everything, the rules of what we have been able keep will be taken away.

Anyway. I hope this triggers some thoughts/subjects for future missives.

Good luck and good health.”

Bill voices what I hear regularly. We grew up believing you work hard, play by the rules, save your money, and eventually, you can retire. The goal is to enjoy your few remaining “golden years” as you see fit – without having to constantly worry about money.

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