The Last Hurdle For Crypto Markets

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Crypto markets are very bullish, and are likely to continue to be bullish in January of 2021. We believe February of 2021 will be the turning point. Our crypto predictions for 2021 are already met, if not exceeded, with the exception of our XRP forecast which invalidated unfortunately (XRP was preparing a move to 3 USD when it got stopped cold by the SEC allegations). Are crypto markets in one straight line up this month?

We predicted that Jan. 7 would be a pivot point, and it was. Our chart readings for crypto markets are extremely accurate, and as the BTC chart message gave us ‘green light’ on Jan. 7 to continue to be bullish in January.

Crypto investors from the first crypto investing research service in the world received an alert today, and we feature (exceptionally) a few quotes and a chart from the alert:

We see that the bifurcated crypto market continues: many crypto charts are really ugly, some are looking good, and overall we see mostly ‘forced’ setups. Even the pumps we see are unnatural from a chart setup perspective. There is something unnatural here, but it should not spoil the party … not for now.

This quote says it all. No comment. And price may be disconnected from adoption, even though we predict massive cryptocurrency adoption in crypto markets in 2021.

As far as crypto’s leading indicator is concerned, the BTC long term chart, we shared two of them with our members today.

First, the longest term BTC pattern looks to be confirmed now, and it is the most bullish setup we see. We remain cautiously optimistic until we see sufficient confirmation that 40k starts acting as decent support.

However, we have a second BTC chart, and this one did not confirm that higher prices are underway. The short term BTC chart below shows that the parabolic uptrend that started on Jan. 5 is potentially being breached today.

This does not necessarily imply that an outright crash in starting today, even though we would not exclude some good intraday selloffs as price continues to move higher. We want to see 40k act as support, to confirm higher prices are underway … and avoid that we are trapped in a top. This is the last bearish BTC chart setup we have found, it suggests 40k may provide (too much?) resistance. This is a different chart setup as the one above, the one above suggests a move higher … this one below says that 40k has to be cleared (resistance for now).

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