Startups, Wanna Work With Brands? 5 Insights You Need To Know

Another tip for memorability in your presentation is to combine some funny element, a strong picture, and a celebrity in the right context. It is much easier to remember you as the company that put Rihanna in the presentation than the team that is using an advanced Bluetooth technology.

4. Skip complicated technological words

Marketing people don’t speak “technologese.” On the contrary, it usually just confuses them. Therefore, take out technological slides from the presentation and try to avoid using complicated technological words, even though they demonstrate how smart your solution is.

In the first meeting, you don’t have to dive into the depths of the bit and bytes. When you move forward to the meeting with the IT guy, then you should bring your big guns and dive into the solution.

5. The pilot is in the small details

To try to pin down a pilot in the first meeting, you should commit. If you can, create a demo with the brand that you’re meeting with. If a demo is too complicated, try to develop a simulation that illustrates as much as possible how the solution you’re presenting can fit in the marketing process and daily lives of the consumers. Notice that you’re including the brand’s name in the right places (the minimum is in the presentation’s grid) and you’re not accidentally presenting a solution with the competitor’s brand. Once you’re committing and helping the other side imagine how the solution could appear, you will get points for investing the time to make the presentation personalized.

After you process your insights and add them into the presentation, try to present it to other people that aren’t necessarily part of your company. If they are attentive, laugh and ask questions in the right places, then you have a good presentation in your hands to show potential brands.

And don’t give up: Even if you haven’t been successful in creating a pilot with the first brands that you’ve met, try to meet more. Keep in touch with the marketing managers and think about other out of the box brands.

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