Startups, Wanna Work With Brands? 5 Insights You Need To Know

2. Solution in one sentence

In most meetings I’ve had with startups, the answer to the question “So what are you doing?” is a rousing speech of at least 10 minutes, which, of course, includes the words “a unique solution, innovative, hasn’t been seen yet. We have no doubt it’s the next Facebook/Google/Whatsapp,” etc. Even on startup websites, you can find at least two whole paragraphs that are just trying to explain what the solution is.

I have no doubt that the solution you’re presenting is completely unique, and you only want to brag and talk about it for hours. Obviously, yours is the most talented baby in the neighborhood, but all of us know that less is more.

Write your solution on the board and try to remove complicated words. Create one clear sentence that explains your solution. And if you are numbers people and less words, try to explain to your only friend that doesn’t have Facebook what exactly you’re doing. If he understands, you’re on the right path.

3. Create a story that’s bigger and memorable

If you have an insight and a solution that answers your insight in one sentence, the gist of the presentation is behind you. Now you need to be remembered.

Try to create a story for the presentation that includes both your insight and your solution, preferably something personal that drove you to create that solution. People relate much more to stories than bullet points, and open up more when the presenter describes something personal (try it at home).

For example, say your product provides a solution for baby food. Talk about your child or children you know, back it up with data, and then present your solution and how it fits.

Another option that always works well is using the “meet” technique. Create a character in the presentation that includes the characteristics of your target audience, and describe the character and how the solution fits your character’s life. Furthermore, before the meeting with the brand’s representatives, try to learn a bit more about the people you’re meeting with and combine a detail you’ve learned about them in the presentation (a soccer team they like, mentioning their children, etc.).

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