How To Cope With The Insanely Saturated Social Landscape When Trying To Build A Business

If you are active on the social web, surely, you get this question a few times a week, at the very least. “How do you find the time to be everywhere? I mean there are so many platforms out there and you seem to be active on all of them. How do you balance it all?”



Truth be told, the social landscape is a little bit out of control. Every week, there is some new app that marketers will tell you, you have to pay attention to if you want to build your brand. First it was just Facebook, then how could you possibly not be on Twitter? Then Linkedin entered the content marketing space? Then “Wait, your company doesn’t have an Instagram account?” “You’re not on Snapchat?” Yikyak! “Are you seriously telling me your company doesn’t have a Meerkat strategy?”

And the names just get funnier and keep popping up!

So sit down, I have a secret for you. You do NOT have to be everywhere. What you do need to do though, is try out everything. As a marketer or an entrepreneur handling the social presence of your startup, you should be able and willing to learn new tools and yes, spend the time necessary to see what platform fits your needs best and yields the best results.



As Gary Vaynerchuk recently told me, he spends hours every day crawling the App Store. When an app keeps showing up in the top lists, he knows something is up with that app and he begins to learn how he can leverage it to better market his content.

Now, that is Gary and we all know, no startup founder has spare hours in the day to crawl the App Store. Having said that, as someone looking to build a global business, it is your responsibility, assuming your goal is success, to invest the time to know the tools available to you.

So let’s break it down, but before we do that, some guidelines…

Automating the Process of ‘Being Everywhere’ is a No-No!

We are all busy people and are therefore always looking to cut corners. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but effective marketing on the social web and “cutting corners” don’t get along. If you think you are going to write a post then publish it at the click of a button on Twitter, FB, G+, and elsewhere, you are sorely mistaken.

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