AT&T Lobbies For A Slower Internet

According to AT&T (T), 10 Mbps uploads ought to be enough for anybody.


In a blog post defining how AT&T is thinking about broadband for the 21st century, Joan Marsh, AT&T's EVP of Federal Regulatory Relations, says there's "no compelling evidence" that people need more than 50/10 Mbps or 100/20 Mbps service...

There are additional policy implications in considering both questions.  First, there would be significant additional cost to deploy fiber to virtually every home and small business in the country, when at present there is no compelling evidence that those expenditures are justified over the service quality of a 50/10 or 100/20 Mbps product.

No compelling evidence. That is a remarkable quote.

Here's the truth: the speed of information is directly equated to economic success. If you're faster, you are more likely to win the race.

Hey, AT&T: it's clear that you don't want to help close the digital divide. What was that about your 5G network? We don't need that kind of speed… do we? -

Read the full article by AT&T here.

Also, Ars Technica has a good article about this worth reading:

AT&T lobbies against nationwide fiber, says 10Mbps uploads are good enough

AT&T admits fiber is most "future-proof" but wants US to fund slower networks.
JON BRODKIN - 3/29/2021, 3:30 PM

Illustration of a snail that looks like an Internet cable.

AT&T is lobbying against proposals to subsidize fiber-to-the-home deployment across the US, arguing that rural people don't need fiber and should be satisfied with Internet service that provides only 10Mbps upload speeds.

AT&T Executive VP Joan Marsh detailed the company's stance Friday in a blog post titled "Defining Broadband For the 21st Century." AT&T's preferred definition of 21st-century broadband could be met with wireless technology or AT&T's VDSL, a 14-year-old system that brings fiber to neighborhoods but uses copper telephone wires for the final connections into each home.

Continue reading at Ars Technica.

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