Stories From A Motorcycle Road Trip

This extra effort may have been partially driven by his wife, who is also a student. She is obtaining her PhD, although in the more traditional setting. He let us know that he had not decided on any academic major yet, but was happy just to take basic courses while continuing to work full-time. After more motorcycle talk, we parted ways.

In Conclusion

Economic growth or decline is dependent on two items: the number of people in a society, and the productivity of those individuals. Adam Smith’s book, The Wealth of Nations, is recognized as the first of the great classics of economic theory, yet it was not filled with graphs or mathematical formulas.  Instead, it was written in easy to understand simple English. He explained the driving force of a society in just a few sentences: “It is not from the benevolence of the butcher, the brewer, or the baker, that we expect our dinner, but from the regard to their own interest.” The individual “intends only his own gain” but is “led by an invisible hand” to promote the general good.

All of our stories may be simple, yet each shows that the desire for personal gain is alive and well in our country. And this desire assures us that our economy will continue to grow for decades to come. Because our democracy has given each of us the ability and freedom to pursue our own happiness with minimal interference, many of us have obtained the American Dream, just like the paint salesman. It also provides the freedom for those who are still in pursuit of obtaining that dream, like the young valet dreaming of a new business, or the Veteran who is able to pursue an education from anywhere in the world. And yes, there is even a little extra from our wealth that enables a safety net for the less fortunate, like the widow and her sons.

One final note. Kathy loved the ride and is ready for the next one. I wonder if any of her other favorite musicians are giving a concert in California any time soon?

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