Stories From A Motorcycle Road Trip

The Valet – A Millennial with a Dream

Valet parking is not so easy with a motorcycle. When available I still like to pay for this service to assure my bike is confined in a safer location than the parking lot. However, it does not come with the added comfort of someone else loading and unloading luggage at the hotel entrance. Nor will the valet park and retrieve the motorcycle on demand. Valet parking on a motorcycle is basically self-parking at a higher price. It does provide an opportunity to visit with the valets, however. 

In Burlington, we stayed at a small downtown hotel that always had one young valet attending the desk. The morning after our arrival, I mentioned to the valet on duty how clean his city was. Immediately, with a broad smile and a twinkle in his eyes, he said that the bars close at 3:00 AM and at 4:00 AM the city crews are out cleaning up the mess. I could tell quickly that he was a native of Burlington, so I asked him a little more about life there. First, he said that the summers were short, as was his valet job. His real passion was driven by the long winter months. He spends the winter working with the crowds of people who ski, snowboard, snowmobile, and ice fish on Lake Champlain. 

Like many millennials, he was single and lived with his parents. I was curious how that was working out. He let me know all was well, but he knows that living in his parents’ house will have to end sometime. For my generation, the choice of living at home in my twenties was not an option. If it had been available to me, who knows, I might have been just like this young guy.  

He said his long-term dream is to own and operate his own company catering to the tourists he works with now. Because of that, he said he is taking some business courses to expand his knowledge. Some of us criticize the millennial generation as lazy without ambition. From what I can see, they have as much desire to take care of themselves and their families as we did. They have just been given the benefit of a longer timeline to make the transition to self-sufficiency, which most of us would have welcomed.

The Veteran – A College Degree on-line

No matter where or for how long we stop, there seems to always be a current or former motorcyclist wanting to visit and talk about riding. This desire to talk about riding introduced us to a Marine Veteran at dinner in Binghamton, New York. He mentioned he owned a motorcycle earlier during his active duty years, but sold the bike prior to getting married. He worked for a defense contractor and was in Binghamton to attend some meetings. 

Because of this, I thought nothing of his working on his computer during dinner. I drew the wrong conclusion that what he was doing was job related. After more motorcycle talk, we learned that he was actually doing school work. Although working full-time, he knew that obtaining a degree would be the best way to earn a better living.  So he was working towards a degree from Liberty University, all online. 

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