Will April Showers Bring May Flowers?

Pattern return for every year since 2008

Pattern return AECOM

Source: Seasonax - please click on the link to conduct further analysis

Moreover, there are many more companies that tend to see growing sales when extreme weather prevails, as consumers seek to prepare for upcoming weather disasters.

Sales of battery manufacturers usually increase before hurricanes strike, as consumers stock up batteries that will be needed for their radios and flashlights. Furthermore, home improvement companies or companies testing the potability of water can benefit from seasonal effects on their stock prices in the aftermath of storms.

Rain or shine, the weather clearly makes a difference with respect to revenue generation. In optimizing your portfolio do not forget to consider weather as a potentially crucial parameter you can benefit from.

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Monica Kingsley 1 month ago Contributor's comment

That's right, some industries and companies are affected by various sources of seasonality apart from weather. Combining these with strong technical and fundamental analytical approach can selectively improve one's results. Knowing where the indices, sectors are going and why is the first step, taking care of the company risk and considering seasonality effects comes then.