Top 3 Tools To Research And Track Startup Investments

If you see names like Uber or Snapchat or Dropbox, that’s a very promising sign. The more recent their big-name investments, the better.

If you don’t recognize any of their investments, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. It simply requires more digging. Start clicking on their investments and looking at the profile pages of their portfolio companies.

One easy way to judge the success of a startup is their funding history. A typical “unicorn” fundraising history will look something like this:

  • 2011: Seed round, $750K
  • 2012: Series A, $6 million
  • 2013: Series B, $30 million
  • 2014: Series C, $60 million

A funding history like this indicates quality and traction. If a co-investor has multiple investments that fit a similar pattern, it’s a great sign.

There are countless other ways to use AngelList. And the best way to learn is to register an account. Then start following anything that looks interesting. News related to anybody you follow will pop up right on your homepage feed.

Tool No. 2:

Useful for: Tracking private startup news and developments

Tracking stock market investments is pretty straightforward. Read your statements, check Yahoo Finance, watch Bloomberg, etc.

It’s a little trickier in the private world, but things are improving thanks to sites like Owler.

Owler is new, but it’s quickly become a favorite of mine. Simply create a free account and start tracking all your startup investments in one place. You’ll receive a daily email update on what’s happening with companies you follow.

Whether it’s a new round of financing, a news story or just a blog post, you’ll know. This may not sound like a lot, but in the secretive startup world, it is. If you don’t see your company listed, add it as a suggestion. Every company I’ve suggested has been added to the database so far.

Side note: Owler is also great for tracking what your competitors are up to. In fact, that’s what it was built for. It just happens to work great for startup investors too.

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Boaz Berkowitz 5 years ago Contributor's comment

Thanks Adam Sharp, great tips here. As a founder of a startup myself (TalkMarkets), I would love to hear what other ideas you have ofr attracting investors.

Adam Sharp 5 years ago Author's comment

I don't have too much experience from the fundraising side, but here goes.

Your AngelList profile looks good Boaz, but I'd add some traction #s and a deck. Also, they have a bunch of useful search features to find investors:

There's also this old adage: "if you want advice from a VC, ask for money. If you want money, ask for advice".


Boaz Berkowitz 5 years ago Contributor's comment

Thanks Adam!

Susan Miller 5 years ago Member's comment

Very useful, thank you. This is an area I'm looking to become more involved in.