Three Stocks To Buy For Biden's First Term

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It's a story as old as the republic. Every new administration comes to D.C. with the intention of changing things, and, by and large, that means changing the flow of money – spending here, tightening there, taxing here, cutting there.

We get an okay idea of how that might play out during the long campaign season, but as we all know, candidates will more or less promise the moon to get elected.

But it's usually not until after a new administration or Congress comes into power that a more concrete reality begins to take shape, as executive orders get signed and legislative agendas get set in motion.

So the first full week of a new administration and a new Democratic majority is the perfect time to take a long view of what they want to change, the better to align ourselves with the trillions of dollars that are about to flow through the gigantic U.S. economy.

Like they've said in D.C. for decades: "Follow the money"…

Halting COVID-19 Is Just the Start

Before the sun went down on Inauguration Day, President Biden had signed a raft of executive orders, many of which were aimed at achieving his stated top priority: stopping the coronavirus pandemic.

Congress is behind the president and will throw as much money as the Treasury can borrow, or better yet, as much money as the Federal Reserve can print, to pay for whatever is needed to stem the pandemic – at least at first.

But healthcare spending won't necessarily stop at coronavirus testing, vaccines, and therapies. There's every sign that the White House will dust off the old Obamacare playbook and add more than a few updates of its own.

During the Democratic primaries, "Medicare for All" and other single-payer healthcare systems loomed large; almost all of the would-be candidates espoused some variation on the idea. Biden himself sounded cool to the idea, promising instead to pursue a "Medicare for More" "public option" for health plans, which, according to him, would make private health plans more affordable.

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