This Year’s Consumer Electronics Show Proves That Even Farming Can Give Us High Tech Profits

When it comes to spraying fertilizer and pesticides, or when it’s time to harvest, precision ag means machines can use satellite guidance and coordinate with each other to optimize their paths.

Precision ag also includes wirelessly sending commands to planting machines. That’s key when it comes to finding the optimum time to plant crops that can determine the yield of a whole year’s harvest.

Similarly, precision ag can use satellite guidance and advanced sensors to make sure fertilizer and pesticides are accurately dispersed exactly where they’re needed,

Then there’s harvest time. This advanced tech platform allows the combines too can optimize their path. Using their cameras and other sensors, the machines can also adjust their harvesting settings based on the height and other features of the crops, making sure the yield is maximized.

This data can even be saved by location. In this way, farmers can track moisture levels and crop health in each part of a field, spotting problems early or testing out new farming methods.

The ag-tech leader at the forefront of all these innovations in precision ag is none other than Deere & Co. (DE).

An Old Deer with New Tricks

Now look, as someone who has knocked around Silicon Valley for more than 30 years, I understand why many think of Deere as old school.

After all, this is the world-famous tractor firm that got its start way back in 1837 when founder John Deere developed a rudimentary plow from a broken saw blade.

Today, the global leader makes all manner of heavy equipment used in agriculture, construction, landscaping, and the military.

But tractors are much more than they used to be. Over the past 20 years, Deere has become a cutting-edge tech leader and built out truly autonomous tractors.

We ‘re not just talking about GPS-based steering.

Deere’s Machine Sync system lets farmers network their combines and tractors, synchronizing and coordinating their movements for maximum efficiency.

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