This Tech Is Making The Bullet Obsolete In Public Safety – And It Can Help You Crush The Market

At first glance, this would seem to be a terrible time to invest in law enforcement technology.

After all, officials in several cities have joined the movement to defund police departments.

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Consider that Austin, TX, and Los Angeles, CA have recently cut more than $143 million from their police budgets. Minneapolis has moved to slash a more modest $8 million.

Here’s the thing. As cities cut police budgets and either furlough officers or see them resign, police officers will still carry on with their everyday work.

And that actually plays to the advantage of a law-enforcement tech leader that is pioneering cloud computing for police.

The firm also sells non-lethal weapons and body cameras
that fit right in with the current environment and is set to double its earnings in less than two years…

The Tech for The Times

As a registered Independent, I don’t dive into politics, and I’m not here to talk about the complex racial and political issues that law enforcement can find themselves at the center.

Instead, we’re focusing on the fact that law enforcement departments aren’t just going to disappear.

What we’re going to see is a bigger push for non-lethal weapons.

And I’ve identified one that is perfect for the job at hand.

See, Portland, OR and Baltimore, MD have each been cut law enforcement budgets by at least $15 million following intense controversy focused on police shootings.

And New York mayor Bill De Blasio wants to shift an unspecified amount earmarked for police over to social services.

Enter Axon Enterprise Inc. (AAXN). You may know Axon better by its most famous product and former name: Taser, the electronic, non-lethal “stun gun” that shocks the target.

Axon has done an impressive job of convincing police departments across the globe to adopt the Taser, as well as its other advanced policing technologies.

See, in addition to the Taser line of electronic, non-lethal weapons, Axon is also a leader in body and dash cameras used by dozens of police agencies across the world.

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