This Hall Of Fame Dividend Growth Stock Just Raised Its Dividend For Its 28th Year In A Row

Living off of dividends does sound like a dream. That's because it is. I started living off of dividends five years ago. And I've got to say it's been better than I ever thought it would be. Before I retired in my early 30s, I used to work more than 50 hours per week at my car dealership day job in order to get a paycheck.

Now I get paid just for waking up. Nice, right? Well, it's actually better than it sounds because of dividend increases. See, I invest in and make videos on high-quality dividend growth stocks. These stocks represent equity in world-class businesses.

Businesses that are regularly increasing their profit, which allows them to regularly increase their dividends to shareholders.

Passive income is great. But it's not that great if it isn't growing, because inflation will slowly eat away at it. You want to invest in stocks that are not just paying dividends but increasing their dividends faster than inflation. That way, you can keep up with, and even exceed, the rising costs of life.

I'm now going to tell you about three high-quality dividend growth stocks that just increased their dividends.

The first dividend increase I want to bring to your attention comes from Realty Income Corp. - stock ticker O, possibly one of the best stocks to buy now.

Realty Income increases their dividend every quarter, often with smaller dividend increases coming in every single month.

This REIT has been magnificent for investors since its 1994 IPO. It's built up a portfolio of thousands of properties, delivered double-digit annual total returns, and increased its dividend for 28 consecutive years. Those quarterly dividend increases add up - the 10-year dividend growth rate is 4.9%.

If there were a hall of fame for dividend growth stocks, Realty Income would be in it.

The next dividend increase you should know about is from Williams-Sonoma, Inc. - stock ticker WSM. What did shareholders have to do in order to get this pay raise? Nothing. Just own stock. That's the easiest pay raise you'll ever get in your life.

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