E The Word That Describes Investors' Outlook For 2017 Is Optimism

We enter the year with an incoming new administration and renewed optimism, along with many Americans. Contrast that to what greeted President Obama, inheriting a recession and near fatal collapse of the global financial system and economies.

Back in ’2008 it was often riddled with, “what is the difference between a recession and a depression?”  There's an old saying--a recession is when your neighbor loses his job...a depression is when you lose yours. Little did we know how much this Great Recession surely would feel like a depression.    But, here we are in 2017 and I believe David Bowie captured this period aptly when he belted out, “Time may change me, but I can’t change time”.  

To say the least, times are a-changing. Back then we had an academic leading the Federal Reserve named Ben Bernanke. Chair Bernanke turned out to be the modern day Yoda. Wise beyond his years. Bold beyond prediction and savage with his regulatory light saber. In the years immediately following ’'08 the flurry of new regulations came fast and furious from Dodd-Frank to the Affordable Care Act. While well intended and in some cases in dire need hindsight confirms the perils of passing massive and sweeping legislation without details and deliberations in some cases can create headwinds, distrust along with unintended consequences. 

Flash forward as we enter in 2017 with promises to re-regulate, clarify and level the playing fields for a pathway to success for both corporations and US citizenry.  We are to achieve this through simplified and lower taxes, fairer trade pacts, a better healthcare option, restraining government overreach coupled with a stronger global US presence -- a bold agenda to be sure.  President-elect Trump has thus far proven to be unconventional, unpredictable and willing to break ranks with  political parties.  He’ll need to be the ultimate deal maker to push forward his broad vision for America. The jury has to be out as we await the swearing in and results.  However, we have to remain optimistic. 

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