The Glory Of Going Viral - A Fraud Promoted By Big Tech

While pondering the current state of the world I stumbled upon the question or idea that one of the things that makes the internet so intriguing is the alluring idea that it holds the potential to elevate the user to a higher level of importance. Nestled somewhere between collecting followers and buying hits is the fraud promoted by big tech that you could go viral. To many people, the idea of instant fame and fortune is akin to winning the lottery. This could explain why so many people are infatuated by the internet, their phones, and social media.

Many people particularly those that are younger seem to think that one big or lucky break is what it takes to achieve happiness and this is the way life works. All they need is to come up with either "one good app" or an idea and they could become the next Mark Zuckerberg or Elon Musk. Another example rooted in this same line of thought is once people understand just how exceptional they are people might move them to a higher position in life. They might even send them off to Washington to solve the countries many problems in the same way those on the left have embraced Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and moved her into a place of power.

This is also quite visible with the emergence of influence marketing and what has become known as social media influencers. This is where people and organizations are purported to have an expert level of knowledge in their field and positioned to guide others in forming opinions. An influencer may frame their push as testimonial advertising or take the role of a value-added influencer, such as a journalist, academic, industry analyst, or professional adviser. All these roles scream, "I'm important."

Big tech and social media have a lot to be gained by promoting a few powerful myths. The idea they empower individuals is a biggie. This dovetails with the idea you might suddenly become something far more than you were. All this seems to feed the same pleasure endorphins that people experience when playing the lottery or gambling. If social media and the tech firms are indeed lurking behind this subconscious "subliminal message"  it could make them responsible for the demise of humanity. While such a statement seems a bit over the top, it is clear the internet has been a mixed blessing for society and our culture. While it has great potential as a tool to gather and expand knowledge, it also has an evil side.

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