The Exact Same Thing That Is Happening To GameStop Is Eventually Going To Happen To The Stock Market As A Whole

A stock is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it at a particular moment in time.  Sadly, this is a lesson that many GameStop traders are learning right now.  Just a few days ago, GameStop had surged above $300 a share and a lot of investors that had gotten caught up in the frenzy thought that they were suddenly rich.  But you only make money in the stock market when you get out.  Those that sold at the peak of the bubble were extremely fortunate, but most GameStop investors are determined to hold on to the bitter end, and the end will definitely be quite bitter indeed.

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I think that it is great that a horde of retail investors want to punish the short sellers, but GameStop is definitely not a long-term investment.

In fact, the fair value for a share of GameStop (GME) stock is probably less than a dollar.

So it was quite bizarre that “the Reddit army” was able to push the price of the stock to more than $300 a share.  Ultimately, any really determined group of investors can temporarily pump up the price of any stock, but in order for it to stay elevated there must be buyers that are willing to purchase the stock at that level day after day.

Everyone knew that GameStop was going to come back down, and that has happened in dramatic fashion during the last two trading sessions…

Shares of GameStop sank further on Tuesday, with shares of the volatile retail-trader favorite sliding 60% to finish at $90 per share.

The tumble follows a more than 30% drop during the regular market session Monday after finishing at $325 per share on Friday. That brings the two-day loss to 72%.

For the sake of GameStop investors, I hope that the stock bounces back a bit on Wednesday, but it is just a matter of time before it returns to a level that is much closer to fair value.

Some investors such as Dave Portnoy got really excited about what Reddit traders were trying to do, and he got in at the very top of the bubble.  Now that several of those stocks have cratered, Portnoy has lost approximately 700,000 dollars…

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