The 3 Best Stocks To Buy For Safe, Growing Dividends

Safe, growing dividends. Stocks that pay safe, growing dividends tend to make for excellent long-term investments. Why? Because it takes a special kind of business to be able to reliably grow their profit enough to fund safe, growing dividends. And safe, growing dividends can make for excellent passive income.

But as great as dividends can be, it's vitally important to invest in safe, growing dividends. If you're relying on dividends to live off of, you want to make absolutely certain that this income is as reliable as it possibly gets. The last thing you'd want to do is have to go back to work because your dividend income evaporated.

And you want to make sure that dividend income can at least keep up with rising expenses. With that in mind, I want to share with you three stocks to buy now, possibly the best dividend stocks in 2021 that are paying safe, growing dividends.

The first stock is Johnson & Johnson - stock ticker JNJ. This is one of the safest dividends I know of. It's one of the bluest blue-chip stocks you can find. This company's dividend resume is stellar.

The second stock for safe, growing dividends is Microsoft Corporation - stock ticker MSFT. MSFT stock dividend is so safe, I've dubbed it the safest dividend in the world. How? The company has over $130 billion in total cash on the balance sheet. And the dividend ran them less than $16 billion last year. They have almost a decade's worth of the dividend - in cash!

The third stock I want to share with you is Realty Income Corp. - stock ticker O. If Microsoft's low yield just isn't interesting to you, this stock should get the job done. After all, it yields a monstrous 4.6%. That's almost three times higher than what the broader stock market offers! If you want a big monthly dividend that's safe and growing, look no further than Realty Income.

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