The 3 Best Dividend Stocks To Buy And Hold Forever

I'm going to tell you about three dividend growth stocks to buy and hold forever. That's right. Forever. Possibly the best stocks to buy now. Once you buy them, hold on for dear life. Because these are tremendous long-term wealth compounders that'll make that climb to the mountaintop so much easier than it'd otherwise be. These stocks are like anti-gravity. They will lift you, your wealth, and passive income up.

I own all three of these stocks in my personal portfolio, and I can tell you I've never sold a single share of them. Want to know which three stocks I'm talking about?

The first stock I want to share with you is Johnson & Johnson - stock ticker JNJ. There's the storied corporate history dating back to the 1800s. The tremendous brands. The AAA-rated balance sheet. There's also the fact that this company sports 58 consecutive years of dividend increases - one of the longest dividend growth streaks in existence.

Meanwhile, the stock yields a market-beating 2.5% right now. So you get an attractive yield and almost-guaranteed dividend growth here. Oh, you want wealth, too? Okay. But they may as well be thought of as a wealth machine. The stock was around $2 in the early 1980s. It's now over $160.

If you buy it in 2021, plan on holding it forever. This was one of the very first stocks I bought in 2010. I still have those shares. And I probably always will.

The second stock I want to tell you about is Apple Inc. - stock ticker AAPL. Apple has grown its dividend like clockwork over the last decade.

Apple only yields 0.7%. But the yield is low in part because the stock has been such a monster - it's up almost 100% over just the last year. That's because they're making the whole world like Christmas every day, providing incredible electronic devices and services within a sought-after ecosystem.

The third stock I want to share with you is Realty Income Corp. - stock ticker O. Realty Income has been a dividend growth workhorse, increasing its dividend consistently ever since its 1994 IPO. In fact, they tend to increase their dividend multiple times per year.

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