The $11 Billion High-Tech Gold Mine Patiently Waiting In The Corner

We've all done it: You click "Confirm Purchase" on an e-commerce site and, in as little as 20 hours, your package arrives on your doorstep (or, increasingly, at a "smart" secure package delivery hub). 

It's usually a seamless, hassle-free process. And more and more these days you've got high-tech robots and intricate logistics AI to thank for it.

Take FedEx, for instance. Their largest shipping hub is a marvel of modern robotics that would put "Star Trek" to shame. Each and every day, 1.4 million parcels arrive, and thanks to automation tech, each parcel is ready to move in as little as 15 minutes.

It can sort 500,000 packages every hour, and it's a big reason why FedEx has the confidence to offer coast-to-coast shipping in less than 24 hours – a distance of some 2,500 miles covered in one night.

Impressive… but the best part is, the same $158 billion technology that allows FedEx to easily "accomplish the impossible" is coming into Americans' homes…

The Robots Aren't Coming – They're Already Here

FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) had a pressing problem on its hands.

It needed to protect Memphis, Tenn.-based "WorldHub" employees from the coronavirus pandemic, but at the same time, it had to absorb a pandemic-fueled double-digit surge in demand.

So it turned to state-of-the-art robots, installing just four of them there in Memphis. And those four robots really did the trick.

Each one has arms that can closely approximate human movements. They spend eight hours a day sorting 1,300 packages every hour from bins onto a conveyor belt – no restroom or coffee breaks required.

They're more than just a set of arms, though. Each robot has advanced cameras that, much like new smartphones and self-driving cars, provide depth perception. Their artificial intelligence (AI) "brains" are capable of machine learning; they can learn on the job and adapt to unforeseen situations just like a person can.

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