SoFi Technologies Stock Forecast 2025: Up To 112% Growth

Sofi's user base is also incredibly loyal, and engagement is fantastic. In fact, before the pandemic, users had member meetups in a lot of cities, building a community aspect of the business that simply doesn't exist in banking.

User growth and loyalty is especially essential to SoFi's business model for the array of products it offers through the app.

For example, a user may join SoFi to refinance a student loan. But then they may decide to open up a cash or investment account to buy stocks once they've joined.

This cross-selling of multiple financial products is highlighted in the 220% growth of multi-product users from 125,000 in 2019 to 400,000 in 2020. That's estimated to rise again to 775,000 by 2021.

Not only does this grow user engagement, but it's gaining customers at a lower cost, ultimately making the business more profitable.

It also motivates and rewards its users for making smart financial moves with a points-based rewards program. Checking the app, managing your accounts, checking your credit score regularly, and reducing debt are the types of activities that can earn points.

Each point earned isn't just a pat on the back. Points can be turned into fractional shares of stocks, payments on your credit card debt, cash, or you can even convert them into cryptocurrency.

SoFi's platform is building it into a formidable and versatile competitor to traditional banks, mortgage companies, and investment brokerages.

To increase that advantage, SoFi is in the process of applying for a bank charter. Acquiring a bank charter allows it to offer FDIC-insured accounts that would put the company on the same field as giants like Bank of America and Wells Fargo, while still offering more on its platform than its competitors.

The decision on its application is expected in November this year.

Finally, let's get into what the next five years will look like for SoFi...

SoFi Stock Price Prediction

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Dean Gilmore 2 months ago Member's comment

"A more conservative average target high/low for September 2025 should land around $34.56 or $31.60."

This doesn't sound that promising..but, in one sense it is a 100% jump, but..not what we all hoped for.

Dick Kaplan 2 months ago Member's comment

I never trust in 5 year forecasts.  Anything can happen in such a long time frame. With so many unknown variables, it is impossible to know what will happen.