Quantum Materials Corp, Tiny Products, Giant Potential

TM editors' note: This article discusses a penny stock and/or microcap. Such stocks are easily manipulated; do your own careful due diligence.

Quantum Materials Corp (“QMC”) (OTC: QTMM ) is neck-deep into the fascinating world of quantum dot (“QD“) technology. Haven’t heard of QDs? You will be hearing a lot more about them soon enough, as they’re increasingly embedded into a new generation of LCD TVs.Like lithium-ion batteries, QD technology has been around for decades, but only now is starting to make serious inroads into a widening range of end-uses, most notably display monitors.   


When QDs are integrated into LCDs, they enable a much more vibrant color spectrum, in part by expanding the gamut of colors perceivable by the human eye.Key to the story is that QD-embedded LCDs compare very favorably to OLED TVs, currently the top-tier TV on the market. OLEDs are very expensive, though, and unlike in LCDs, where costs have been slashed in recent years, there’s no telling if OLED TV prices will fall nearly as fast or as far. However, it’s likely that they won’t, simply because as an incumbent technology, LCDs are produced on a massive scale by dozens of manufacturers. 

Enough of the tech talk.Most people walk into a Best Buy and purchase the biggest TV at the lowest cost, in many cases willing to pay 10% or 15% more for a name brand like LG or Samsung.Some tech-savvy websites say that top of the line QD-enabled LCDs match OLEDs in overall picture quality. ConsumerReports.org does not necessarily support that thesis.It has OLEDs as the top 5 rated TVs and only then do QD LCDs come into view. However, the ratings are not terribly far apart, and OLEDs are typically 75% to 150% more expensive. We’re talking about a price difference that can be in the $1,000(s), not just $100s.Bottom line? QD LCD TV’s will very likely proliferate, and companies with strong QD technology and manufacturing platforms are well positioned to thrive.  

That’s where QMC comes in. I spent a lot of time understanding the key aspects of QDs before interviewing the Company’s CEO, Sri Peruvemba. In speaking with him, one can stumble deep into the weeds very quickly. We agreed to keep the interview at the 30,000foot level. The views expressed herein are entirely those of Mr. Peruvemba. 

Sri, please tell readers more about Quantum Materials Corp

Quantum Materials Corp (“QMC”)  [OTCQB: QTMM]  is an innovative technology company that is primarily a manufacturer of quantum dots (“QDs“).We have developed a proprietary, IP-protected technology and process to manufacture QDs on a highly scalable basis, an achievement not common in the industry. A key competitive advantage is the continuous-flow production capacity we engineered to allow us to produce premium quality quantum dots for QD-enabled LCDs (“QD LCDs”).  

Quantum dots are truly amazing. They’re a thousand times smaller than microscopic crystals, or nano-crystals, which, when excited by UV to blue light, emit light of different colors depending on the material and size of the nano particle.Imagine shining a flashlight on a baseball and it glowing bright red. That’s the general idea of a quantum dot, except, of course, almost inconceivably smaller in size.

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Disclosure: Quantum Materials Corp. is a company that I, Peter Epstein, CFA, MBA, am invested in.  I have no existing or prior relationship with CEO, Sri Peruvemba or QMC.  QMC is ...

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