Psychedelics Revolution Gaining Breadth And Momentum

With most young Americans unfit for military service and attrition within the ranks (from mental health-related causes) at a crisis level, the capacity of the U.S. military to sustain any major war effort is now seriously in question.

Psychedelic stocks attractively priced

Fifty years ago, psychedelic drugs were criminalized. They were deemed to (supposedly) have no valid medical uses.

Today, a Psychedelic Drug Revolution is rapidly expanding and gaining in momentum. The Department of Defense is now one of the world’s largest donors in funding medical research on psychedelic drugs.

This is an industry that is flashing the “green light” to investors from numerous directions.

Yet, as Psychedelic Stock Watch recently observed, psychedelic drug stocks are currently at “low tide”.

Low Tide For Psychedelic Stocks With Media, Investors Distracted

The presidential election in the United States in November has been more than contentious.

First there was the disputed results. More recently has come civil unrest and (now) the impeachment of former President Donald Trump.

For the media, it’s a ratings bonanza and a feeding frenzy. All U.S. politics, all of the time.

For pretty much anything else outside of the coronavirus pandemic (and COVID vaccines), there has been a media vacuum.

Investors, too, have been distracted – for obvious reasons.

Psychedelic drug companies have had no problem in filling oversubscribed private placements from eager institutional investors. Yet trading volumes among retail investors are anemic when compared to the feeding frenzy in this sector that took place in the Fall of 2020.

You snooze; you lose.

Valuations for these stocks are not going to stand still as the industry itself grows vertically and horizontally by leaps and bounds.

The current political circus in the U.S. has caused psychedelic stocks to go stagnant for the past several weeks. This has frustrated some current investors and likely caused concern among some executives of these psychedelic drug companies. But the circus will end.

What is frustration for some is opportunity for others. Most of these public companies are already cashed up to power operations through 2021 and beyond.

Potential for the industry is almost limitless. Growth to date exceeds expectations.

Investing in the Psychedelics Revolution is practically a no-brainer. Entry windows such as the current one may not come around again.

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The writer holds share in MindMed Inc, Cybin Inc, Numinus Wellness and Mind Cure Health. Mind Cure Health is a client of Psychedelic Stock Watch.

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