E Powell Failure

*Roche Holdings is partnering with two small caps, with Tempest Therapeutics for a small molecule against liver cancer when combined with one of RHHBY's two drugs, Tecentriq and Avastin, and the 2nd with Dicerna Pharma for Phase II trials of its RG6346 with the Swiss group's hepatitis B virus treatments. It is paying DRNA a $25 mn milestone. Big pharma can win by investing in small pharma.

*German CureVac got Novartis accord to help make Covid-19 jabs at its plant in Austria, now in phase III trials in 35,000 volunteers. It is under an EU “rolling review” which may lead to approval. Deliveries will start this summer. Curevac earlier signed a deal with Germany's Bayer to make the vaccine starting in 2022. Last summer the German govt took a 23% stake in Curevac for euros 300 mn and also provided at euros 252 mn grant for covid research. NVS is down 1.24% on the news.

*Dr. Reddy's (RDY) in India gained 2.75% today.


*Cosan gained 6.05% today after others agreed that it would not suffer from Pres. Jair Bolsonaro's move cutting gas prices at state sector Petrobras. It is back at $19.53-4 on Wall St. It is at 5x earnings. CZZ.

*Earthstone Energy Inc, ESTE, rose 8.6% today to $8.23, I know not why.

*Schlumberger Ltd of the Dutch Antilles will partner with Chevron CVX and Microsoft MSFT in a Mendoza, California carbon capture program with privately-held Clean Energy Systems. It will recycle agricultural biomass waste was into a renewable gas to be mixed with oxygen to make green electricity. It will remove 300,000 tons of CO2 per year. They are working on engineering and will make a final decision on the carbon capture system next year. SLB is up 2.5% on the news, at just over $29/sh, also a reaction to higher oil prices.

*Eduardo Garcia writes in sentidocomun.mx.co about Cemex. CX has risen steadily. It is now using drones to validate orders by checking reserves in the US using contactless Kespry software at 10 plants, 54 distribution centers, and 269 concrete making plants.

*Cenovus Energy Inc. (CVE) rose 4.54% today on the Big Board despite reporting lower sales and earnings in Q4 last year last month, helped by a $278,000 new investment by Cambridge Investment Research Advisors. It is also calling its series 1 and 2 convertible preferred shares. Yesterday Canadian energy stocks were standouts with jumps by Vermilion Energy, and Tourmaline. CVE has been boosted by its deal to merge with Husky Energy to create the largest Canadian producer of oil and gas firm and by OPEC cuts in output. It also boosted operations in oil sands where it has the 3rd largest reserves of any listed firm getting icky heavy oil. (BP has only a third as much in oil sands as CVE.) It is now unable to cover more than a quarter of its refining costs for sands oil as a standalone company. It will make more profits upstream and in refining post-merger it says.

*Kinder Morgan saw Sargent Investment Group double its stake in Q4 but other institutions and insiders sold. It divested its minority stake in Natural Gas Pipeline of America. KMI shares rose 3.2%.

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Vivian Lewis 2 months ago Author's comment

dear William K, I think that your theory about wage levels assumes that the workers have the ability to get what they deserve from their bosses. But in my lifetime as theie unions were enfeebled, this is no longer true most of the time. Only teachers still can get the pay and conditions they demand, not factory workers, Amazon pickers, drivers, etc.

As for vaccine reactions by Japanese men, it may be a coincidence but it probably was not. The fault may not have been in the AZ jab but in something else about the administration of the vaccine. When we got ours (me and my husband) we had to stay at the hospital for a half hour after the injection to make sure everything was ok. I may not have been the same procedure in Japan. We got the Moderna not the AZ jab but they all do have risks. A vaccine is potent.

William K. 2 months ago Member's comment

There is an intrinsic flaw in the whole concept of a minimum wage, which is that the amount is linked to the recipients needs. The pay amount is normally linked to the value delivered, just like purchasing products at a store, at least, at some stores. Employment is not a charity operation, usually. Folks are mostly paid based on the value they can provide to the employer. The exception is primarily CEOs and boards of directors, who seem to be paid based on their ability to "speak sunshine" to investors, both current and potential.

The A-Z vaccine scare is unusual because ao much is unknown about the details. Consider how many folks have had the stuff and not had any problems at all is my point. If a million used the vaccine with no problems and then two did have problems, the evidence points far more at the two, as I see it.