E Market Briefing For Monday, Jan. 11

As goes the first week goes January - and, as goes January goes the year; so suggests old Wall Street lore. This year, following a year like no other, has started out emulating the confusion and contradictions we all got accustomed to in politics; but not to the extent of 'crossing the Rubicon', as just happened.

It may well be a more or less undesirable move to Impeach again; or invoke the 25th if they'll find enough to sign-off on it; but at this point you have a lot of turmoil and uncertainty going forward; and fears of more 'situations' or confrontations instigated before Inauguration Day.

Hence, the market's 'tone' is essentially jittery; as those who 'get it' with an appreciation of both sides of the right/left perspective, know the 'blame-game' has to stop.

And yes, there may be a next time given the threats that are circulating. That's likely part of why Apple pulled the plug on Parler late Saturday. And Amazon web services (host for Parler) also decided to stop hosting them (I'm unsure if that's appropriate without notice to their customer; but let them worry about it). 

It should be, but isn't entirely, a time for reconciliations on all fronts. Of course politically first; and in the effort to combat Covid; both of which are skirmishes that seemingly never end, and do affect investment psychology.

Still, the Nation navigates these next few days carefully. As we explored much this week, a) markets shuffle around reality change is nearby, not merely probable; b) the Nation indeed survived insurrection; c) Congress behind the scenes realizes this was an effort to cripple one of three co-equal branches of Government (an Executive attack against the Legislative branch), and now there's pressure, even if it's for a few days, to d) sort of like a CEO who under-performs; even if they did fine a couple years back, but falter and flail, a Board of Directors can simply say: 'you're fired'.

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