Lucid Stock Prediction 2025: 936% Revenue Growth

And here it is.

Lucid Stock Prediction 2025

The biggest reason early investors have piled out of Lucid was likely the apparent lag in its hallmark product release, the Lucid Air Dream Edition. Now that we're in September, the Q4 2021 projection is starting to look questionable.

However, Lucid did instill more confidence after announcing a production preview event where it will test-drive cars at its Casa Grande, Arizona facility. That's certainly more transparency than we got with Nikola.

We know it has a product. We know it has plenty of preorders. And that lends further confidence to the company's projections for itself down the line.

Lucid expects to have cars on the road by 2022. By then, it wants 20,000 vehicles on the road and over $2 billion in revenue. In five years, it expects 36,000 Lucid Air deliveries and 12,000 SUV deliveries. The SUV model is called Gravity and is expected to make up more than 60% of total deliveries by 2026.

What does Lucid expect to deliver in 2026? Two hundred fifty-one thousand vehicles, total - 134,000 of which will be SUVs.

The company plans to parallel Tesla's model of selling luxury cars initially, then transitioning into more affordable markets. Cheaper vehicles would help expand the customer base and increase Lucid's top line. On top of everything, Lucid expects to reach profitability by 2023.

Of course, the biggest, most imminent test of whether there's any merit to these claims will be whether Lucid can take its targeted 0.6% of the global EV market share in 2022.

There's clearly more to Lucid and its product than most other EV stocks out there. Considering all of this, here's how you should play this stock in the meantime.

Should You Buy Lucid Stock?

Lucid Motors has the pedigree and the team to make waves in the electric vehicle market.

Founder and CEO Peter Rawlinson was the vice president of Vehicle Engineering at Tesla. He led the team that took the Tesla Model S from an idea on paper to production. Before coming to Tesla, Mr. Rawlinson was head of vehicle engineering at Corus Automotive, chief engineer at Lotus Cars, and principal engineer at Jaguar Cars. That's quite a resume. But it does not stop there.

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William K. 1 month ago Member's comment

Well it seems like there is a good team of "top management" gathered, but are those folks actually engineers?? I have worked under assorted top managers and seen projects go down the toilet in spite of leaders who had great track records. So certainly poor managers can assure failure, but just having a team that won in the past does not assure winning in the future. And if a toxic culture is created then failure is almost certain.