Leviathan Gold Goes Public With Exciting High-Grade Gold Opportunity

Inexplicably, high-grade gold mining in this district petered out early in the 1900s. These high-grade, near-surface gold land packages lay dormant for roughly a century.

Enter Fosterville South Exploration.

Fosterville South sits with a wealth of exploration properties

Bryan Slusarchuk, the CEO of Fosterville South carved his reputation in polymetallic mining, most notably as CEO of mid-tier gold producer, K92 Mining (CA: KNT / US: KNTNF). Polymetallic mining requires particular prowess in metallurgy to optimize recoveries of all metals contained in the ore.

What got Slusarchuk interested in the mono-metallic gold mineralization and five large land packages that Fosterville South acquired?

Known high-grade gold mineralization. Near-surface. Very mining-friendly geology. And all five projects are located in a ~50-mile radius to the south, southeast, and southwest of the Fosterville Mine.

Where is the best place to explore for gold? Near an existing gold mine.

Where is the best place to explore for a multi-bagger gold mining opportunity? Near one of the world’s most lucrative gold mines.

Fosterville South itself has already delivered that multi-bagger return for investors.

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Going public just as gold mining stocks took off in 2020, FSX ran from CAD$1.10 to a high of CAD$5.35 – before the whole industry pulled back toward the end of 2020.

But Fosterville South had a ‘problem’. It has too much highly prospective gold mineralization to be efficiently explored by one junior exploration company – even a particularly well-capitalized junior like FSX.

These gold properties had already laid dormant for a century. Fosterville’s management made the decision to spin-out the two, large prospective land packages to the southwest – Avoca and Timor – to unlock the value in those projects as quickly as possible.

And so Leviathan Gold was born.

Leviathan prepares to build on Fosterville South success

Leviathan CEO Luke Norman is one of the true visionaries in the gold mining industry. Norman got involved in the resource sector in the 1990s while working as an investment banker.

By the late 1990s, Norman became convinced that gold was due for a major breakout from its long-term bear market that began in the 1980s. He left his consultancy business and got involved in the gold mining industry.

What followed was a 10+ year bull market for gold. Norman’s past and current ventures in gold mining include being the co-founder of Gold Standard Ventures Corp (CAN: GSV / US: GSV) and US Gold Corp (US: USAU).

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