E It Will All End In Tears

*Japan Small Cap Fund, JOFchopped its dividend payable Dec. 17 to 34¢, down 0.13%.

*Harry Geisel's recommendation, Atlantica Yield, was echoed by envionmental analysts at CDP. The UK fund distributes return of capital from green energy, is up 0.85%, but still below our basis, thanks to being British. It is a part-owner of AQNAlgonquin Power & Utilities of Canada, down 0.25% to $15.98. AQN was rated outperform by Royal Bank of Canada today. More green stocks below.

*Yield fund Aberdeen Asia Pacific, FAX, will pay an annual dividend of 0.275/share. It fell 0.9%.

*Mexican shopping mall REIT Fibra Uno, FBASF, is up 1.5%.

*Sampo Oij SAXPY is up 3%. Investor is flat.


*The ones we missed. Australian MW Immuntep, PRRUF-Q, soared 344.44% on positive results from a phase II trial of its eftilagimod-alpha plus chemo in breast cancer in younger women. Greenwich Life Sciences, GLSI, gained 2000% yesterday on promising breast cancer treatment news plus 20% today.

*A new Japanese application for trials of its Alzheimer's drug aducanumab planned by Biogen boosted the share price of its local partner Eisai. ESALY rose 2%. It was viewed as ineffective by the US advisors to the FDA but the earlier trials showed some benefit from the drug. There may be renewed US FDA trials in Q1 2021. ESALY jumped 3.08% here. Takeda (TAK) is up 0.53% in sympathy.

*Novo Nordisk bought US Emisphere Technologies for $1.35 bn. ET's Procyon systems encapsulates insulin for treating diabetes orally with GLP-1 pills, not jabs. NVO has gained about 20% this year but fell on the news that it had bought its long-time licencee. I assume the Danes know what they are up to.

*Our newest drug pick, Canadian Aurinia Pharma, AUPH, from Martin Ferera, gained 3% today.

*Israeli drug firm BiolineRX gained 2.75%, hitting $2.43, a Chanukah gift. BLRX. However, Compugen, CGEN, lost 1.2% to $12.42 here. TEVA lost another 0.89% to $10.55.

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Katy Lin 2 months ago Member's comment

Good article, thanks Vivian.

William K. 2 months ago Member's comment

What the USA needs now is a candidate with both brains and integrity. My suggestion is to have another ballot choice declaring "No Confidence, NONE of the above!" That is because those who are both really smart and very honest are seldom found in politics. And even those who would be OK would probably not pass the media microscope test. So the stock market is still looking sort of good, but the emotional drivers are still unstable and what happens next is not obvious.

My prediction is that all of the stimulus money will ultimately lead to inflation that benefits only a few.

Tin Man 2 months ago Member's comment

Some of the "stimulus" money will lead to people eating and keeping a roof over their heads a little longer during the greatest, most desperate humanitarian crisis in American history. Some small businesses may also escape bankruptcy.

Now, you were saying something about inflation? Got any travel plans for Christmas?

William K. 2 months ago Member's comment

Certainly a fair portion of that stimulus money will do a lot of good. No argument about that. But also, iit is going to bid up prices, which is the same as inflation. If there existed a scheme to only send the money to those in need then that would be the very best way to go.

AND, the fact that the intended and actual effect does provide a lot of good does not remove some of the (not so good) side effects.

Anne Davis 2 months ago Member's comment

I suspect there will be a lot of fraud. But there are always people who will take advantage as there is no way to differentiate between who really needs the help and who doesn't. But without this aid, many will end up homeless and going hungry.