How To Realistically Turn $100 Per Month Into $1,000,000

I think almost everyone out there has a dream of one day becoming a millionaire. What if this is your dream, but you don't have much money? Fear not. The cool thing about becoming a millionaire is that it's not as hard as you might think. It does require overcoming some challenges.

And it'll take time. Building real, sustainable wealth doesn't happen overnight. But the behavioral traits you build on your way to getting there will stay with you forever, and they'll help you to stay wealthy. Two of those traits are consistency and patience. And I'm going to show you how applying them in a very simple and straightforward way can allow you to turn just $100/month into $1 million.

So how can $100/month possibly turn into $1 million? Well, it's not as hard as you might think. Investing $100 per month consistently, month in and month out, for years of your life can turn into $1 million. But you'll need to be patient enough to let the process of compounding do its magic for you. Compound interest is interest on top of interest. It's where old money makes new money, and then that new money makes more new money. It's as if money is cloning itself, creating an army of money for you.

I'm assuming you'll be starting with $0. You'll invest $100/month consistently, month in and month out, for years of your life. And I'm assuming a compound annual rate of return of 10%, which is in line with the long-term average of the US stock market.

Yet, over the course of 46 years, that $100/month compounding at 10% per year adds up to... drumroll, please... 1,045,169.82.

Of course, this would allow someone in their late teens to early 20s easily become a millionaire by the time they retire, without really putting in much effort at all. They would simply need to consistently invest that $100/month and remain patient while the process plays out. If you're a little older, you'll need to retire a little later to still end up with that $1 million off of $100/month. This is why it's so important to start investing early in life.

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