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It didn't take long for the Dow to turn down, after much higher jobless numbers came out today. However, happy Wall Street was with the end of the Trump attack on election results, economic recovery is not yet a slam dunk, even if Janet Yellen heads the Treasury and heals its stupid split with the Fed. Trump symbolically pardoned a couple of turkeys and may do the same for himself and some of his henchmen.

In response to a reader who apparently is descended from Bradford, the first governor of the Plymouth Bay colony where Thanksgiving was first celebrated, I wrote up my very different heritage.

My family is 100% immigrant from 1937 when my parents both individually set sail for America from Nazi Germany. My father's parents eventually left via Portugal but my mother's parents both were murdered by the Nazis. Her father and my dad's father were both German veterans who in World War I who had been trying to kill my husband Paul's father, a British officer. My parents each managed to find distant relatives to provide them with affidavits of support which was required from immigrants, my mother from a distant Milwaukee cousin when her rich New York great-aunt who lived in the Sherry Netherland Hotel, refused to risk her wealth.

They got cruddy jobs and partied like mad. My parents met at a Mardi Gras (Faschings) ball, not a Jewish event. There are no Bradfords in my lineage. My husband is British. We have 2 adopted African American grand-children via our lesbian daughter who maybe descend from people who were here before my lot.

My grandpa Oppenheim used to come to our house for Thanksgiving because his ultra-orthodox daughter with whom he lived refused to celebrate it because it was Goyim Nachas, non-Jewish custom (it sounds like Spanish but is Yiddish.) The Jews already had a harvest festival, Succoth which takes place much earlier in the autumn because Israel is hotter than the USA.

Opa would eat his veggies and potatoes before tackling the turkey, filling himself before the meat. This must have been how he was raised in Nentershausen, near the Fulda gap, son of a bookbinder. My mom's family were less well integrated because their village was in poor land, settled only in the 17th century by Jews and Huguenots.

By the 20th century, the Huguenots were anxious to prove themselves more loyal to Germany than to (gasp) France and turned their anger to their Jewish neighbors. Her village was called Sterbfritz (im Sinnthal) and was one of the places where the Brothers Grimm collected fairy tales, supposedly German but in fact from the Mère Oie tales brought along with their French Bibles by the Huguenot refugees. My mother was a blue-eyed blond as were 3 of her 4 sisters and looked like Hitler's ideal woman. But her parents were murdered all the same. My grandmother, as an Orthodox woman, wore a wig and our photos of her are all in black and white. My maternal grandfather was a tall blue-eyed blond, a very Aryan looking Jew.

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