Forget The CRM-WORK Deal – Here's The "Remote Office" Merger I'm Looking At

Just 12 months ago, not many people even knew Zoom (ZM) and Slack and Google Meets (GOOGL) were a "thing," but of course they're pretty much household names now, simply because they've helped keep business going while office buildings all over the country emptied out.

I think throughout 2021, people will go back into offices and schools once they've had the coronavirus shot (or shots), but a look at all the deals going down right now tells me that "telecommuting" or "work from home" or whatever you want to call it, is probably going to remain way more popular in 2021 than it was in, say, 2018 and 2019.

The case in point, of course, would be this week's biggest deal, which saw Inc. (CRM) gobble up Slack Technologies Inc. (WORK) for a cool $27 billion and change. Nobody forks over $27.7 billion on a hunch, right? Salesforce probably sees the same on-trend growth potential I do.

Now, as happens sometimes when companies drop billions or tens of billions on an acquisition, CRM shares are dropping like a rock right now. The stock's down more than 8% since the deal was announced. Some of this is "selling the news," and some of it has to do with lowered guidance on growth.

A lot of people will see Salesforce's decline and weigh it against the growth of the telecommuting trend, and think, "Sweet – the stock's on sale right now"; people will want to buy the dip.

But… not so fast. Don't jump on that bandwagon – or chase it, for that matter. Because I know an even better way to cash in on this scenario…

It's the Next Big Deal I'm Looking At

Salesforce has made a couple of big, noteworthy buys in the last few years, like a $6.5 billion deal for enterprise software integration MuleSoft back in 2018, and $15.3 for data visualization firm Tableau in 2019.

But the Salesforce-Slack deal is, let's face it, one that might not have made headlines – or even happened at all – just 18 months or so ago, but software like Slack is an absolute must if your workforce is scattered all over town, or the entire country; it's basically a gigantic, simple-to-use interoffice communication and collaboration platform.

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