FERC Ruling Pushes Pipelines Out Of MLPs

Earnings calls often include grumbling that private equity, with its locked up capital, is outcompeting public MLPs for projects. Energy Transfer’s Kelcy Warren complained, “We lose out on projects routinely these days to private equity, not really to our peer group… there’s just a lot of private equity that hires management teams and they’re in for the short term. But it doesn’t matter, they’re winning and we’re not.”

FERC’s Thursday ruling on tariff calculations added another source of volatility to a sector not short of it. Later in the day, Enterprise Products Partners (EPD) CEO Jim Teague stated, “We do not expect the revisions to the FERC’s policy on the recovery of income taxes to materially impact our earnings and cash flow,” Other large firms soon followed, including Kinder Morgan. So the market’s initial response was disproportionate, but its vulnerability to a relatively obscure issue simply highlighted unnecessary complexity.

Energy infrastructure assets are doing fine, but the MLP entities that own them are taking a succession of body blows. The corporate ownership of energy infrastructure assets, with its access to worldwide equity investors and simpler tax reporting, is looking ever more attractive. On the week, the narrowly MLP-focused Alerian MLP Index was -2.9% whereas the broader American Energy Independence Index was -1.0%, as investors favored corporate ownership over MLPs following FERC’s ruling.

Investors in MLP ETFs such as AMLP, and similar MLP-dedicated mutual funds, already face a corporate tax drag (see again AMLP’s Tax Bondage). They are likely to see MLPs continue to lose favor as a financing vehicle, with a consequent diminution of names to hold. Investors who desire to profit from the Shale Revolution and the path to American Energy Independence should switch out of MLP-focused, tax-impaired MLP funds and into broader energy infrastructure exposure relying on simple corporate ownership of assets with no tax drag.

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