EC Don't Look Now But Valuations Are Improving

Unless you've been living in a cave or don't spend your day with stock market machinations, you likely know that the current earnings parade has been stellar.

According to Deutsche Bank, with 296 of the S&P 500 companies reporting so far (or 71%), 88% have exceeded the consensus estimates - which is a record. And EPS has come in 16% above expectations, which is more than triple the average of 5% seen over the last 15 years. The chart below tells the story nicely.

Earnings "Beat" Rate - S&P 500

Image Source: Deutsche Bank

With earnings surging at a record-breaking rate, the good news is that P/E ratios are starting to move lower. Below are a couple charts that make this point. First up is a broad market look via the P/E on the Value Line.

Value Line P/E Ratio

Image Source: Ned Davis Research Group

While I am not about to argue that the P/E low or stocks are cheap, as this chart indicates, stocks can advance with P/E's at the current levels. And as long as the "E" continues to improve at a healthy clip and stock prices don't get overly exuberant going forward, the P/E Ratio can continue to move lower.

However, as the bears will quickly point out, a couple quarters of strong earnings doesn't mean the market is out of the woods. Below is a chart of the P/E of the Median stock in the S&P 500. This is designed to show the valuation of the median stock in the index - with half above and half below.

Median P/E  Ratio - S&P 500

Image Source: Ned Davis Research Group

While this chart can still be placed in the "scary" category, the point is that the P/E has started to move lower. But one can also argue that stocks are "priced for perfection" at this stage. And it is for this reason that I believe investors have to recognize that (a), risks remain elevated and (b), it may be necessary to play some defense in the near-term given the state of COVID-19 and the historical cycles.

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