E Daily Stock Analysis: TFS Financial (TFSL)

TFSL Dividends

TFS Financial Corp's most recently declared quarterly dividend payout of $0.28 is payable June 22nd and equates to $1.12 annually which will yield 5.49% based on yesterday's $20.41 closing price. TFSL has paid quarterly dividends increasing annually for 7 years.

TFSL Returns

Adding the $1.12 annual TFS Financial Corp forward-looking dividend to my $1.09 price upside estimate shows a $2.21 potential gross gain, per share, to be reduced by any costs to trade TFSL.  

At Friday's $20.41 price per share, a little over $1000 would buy 49 shares.

A $10 broker fee (if charged) would be paid half at purchase and half at a sale and might cost us about $0.20 per share.

Subtract that maybe $0.20 brokerage cost from my estimated $2.21 gross gain per share results in a net gain of $2.01 X 49 shares = $98.49 for a 9.8% net gain on a $1,000.09 investment.

So it is that  TFS Financial Corp shows a possible 9.8% net gain including a 5.49% forward estimated dividend yield. 

Over the next year at this time, a $1000 investment in TFSL would generate $54.90 in cash dividends. And a single share bought at Friday's closing price was $20.41! So, TFSL's share price is just over one-third of the dividend income from $1K invested. Thus, according to dogcatcher preference, this is an opportune time to invest in TFS Financial Corp shares.

All of the estimates above are speculation based on the past history of TFS Financial Corp. Only time and money invested in this stock will determine its true worth.

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