Buy These 3 Stocks Before President Biden’s Infrastructure Plan Gets Signed Into Law

The second stock I want to tell you about is Albemarle Corporation - stock ticker ALB. But I'd argue it shouldn't. It has a very solid set of legacy chemicals and catalysts businesses that helped propel it to Dividend Aristocrat status with 27 consecutive years of dividend increases.

With Biden's plan specifically calling for additional infrastructure around electric vehicles and green energy, that translates to more batteries. And those batteries require, you guessed it, lithium.

Last but not least, let's talk about Broadcom Inc. - stock ticker AVGO.

Biden's plan allocates $50 billion for investment in semiconductor manufacturing and research. When you have billions of dollars sloshing around and headed toward semis, the main players will no doubt benefit from this.

Their FCF is up almost 20x over the last decade. If some extra spending gives them a boost, all the better. We're talking about a business that's already set to profit tremendously from the 5G megatrend. If they get a little extra love, that's all the more reason to own this name.

We put together a video analysis and valuation video back in July, highlighting how attractive this stock was at $300.

But this stock sports 11 consecutive years of dividend increases, a five-year dividend growth rate of 52.1%, and a yield of 3.1%. I called it a "dream stock" in July. And I think it still is. Look for any opportunity to snag this fantastic dividend growth stock for your own portfolio, and plan on holding it for many years.

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William K. 2 months ago Member's comment

Less than half of that 2 trillion dollars is designated for actual infrastructure such as roads, bridges, and utilities. The larger portion is pork for businesses and assorted favored development programs. So president Biden has started his term with a HUGE LIE!! More than half the money will not be spent on upgrading our infrastructure, but rather on a huge collection of stuff that is not infrastructure.

Unfortunately I am rather intolerant about being lied to, and thus I am offended by the package.