Buy Apple Stock Before It Unleashes This "Next Big Thing"

And I do think the device will be a success. For one thing, it's competitively priced. Yes, there are AR smart glasses in the market today and they're priced from $380 (Snap Spectacles 3) to $900 (Vuzix Blade).

These rivals lack Apple's knack for creating style (see: ubiquitous AirPods) and its dominant brand. Back in 2014 I predicted Apple would dominate wearable tech for just this reason (it has one-third of the market in a crowded field, more than double its closest rival).

But most of all, they lack Apple's unrivaled ecosystem. Apple Glass will become yet one more piece of the hardware/software/services integration that sets the company apart.

While Apple Glass will rely on the iPhone for computing horsepower, it will also work with the iPhone in serving as a more convenient way to relay information. As a wearable, I suspect Apple Glass will also have some health monitoring components like the Apple Watch.

In other words, it will be yet another aspirational Apple product that both links into and enhances the overall ecosystem.

But while Apple Glass is the main reason to buy Apple stock, it's not the only one. And I'm not just talking about the resurgence of iPhone sales…

More Reasons to Buy Apple Stock

Here's the breakdown:

iPhone underestimated (again) 

Recently Apple analysts have been scrambling to raise their price targets on the stock as they realize 2021 iPhone sales will be a lot higher than they thought. The 5G upgrade "supercycle" they once dismissed is now a reality. Just six months ago the consensus estimate was for fewer than 200 million Phones; now it's 220 million.

I believe estimates for 2022 are too low as well, thanks to one nearly forgotten market: India. After more than a decade of fits and starts, Apple is finally poised for big gains in India, where it has less than 3% of the smartphone market. This year Apple will start opening retail stores in India; an online store opened last quarter. This market offers huge potential, with annual sales of more than 200 million smartphones and double-digit growth. With more sales channels and a more competitive option in the iPhone SE, Apple figures to add much more revenue from India over the next few years than most analysts realize.

Revenge of the Mac

Apple has started its two-year transition away from Intel Corp. (Nasdaq: INTC) processors to its self-designed M1 chips. In preliminary tests, the first wave of M1-based Macs have proven just as fast as Intel-based machines while using less than half the power. For laptops, that means double the battery life. That killer feature will draw a flood of new customers to the Mac over the next few years. I think it could double the Mac's relatively low global market share of 7.6% within three years, which could add more than $20 billion to Apple's top line.

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Adam Reynolds 2 months ago Member's comment

What "next big thing?" #Apple just takes other people's ideas and makes them better. They never come up with anything novel on their own. $AAPL

James Madison 2 months ago Member's comment

He's referring to Apple Glass. Though I'm not convinced this will take off. Google Glass bombed. And though Apple's version should be more streamlined, I suspect it will be a fad - like 3D TVs. Cool for a little while, but not the way most people want to "see."