Big Tech: Which Way Is It Going To Go?, My Twitter Beef With The Technicians, LULU AVGO COST & ORCL Earnings

As I wrote Thursday morning in the first section of my blog “Retest Or Failed Breakout?”, Wednesday’s correction did no technical damage except to the QQQ which is struggling to break out from its September 2nd highs. In the second section, I wrote about the “Rotation Within The QQQ” from the mega caps to the mid and small caps within the ETF in which Frank Cappelleri showed the Equal Weight Nasdaq-100 to have massively broken out from its September 2nd highs while the overall QQQ, dominated as it is by the Big 5 and a few other big tech stocks like TSLA and NVDA, is struggling to.

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A couple of nice charts yesterday from Arthur Hill and Greg Rieben nicely illustrate Big Tech’s failure to participate in the most recent leg of the rally. Hill’s chart shows AAPL, MSFT, AMZN, and NVDA trading in a range well below their September 2nd ATHs (Source: Arthur Hill Twitter, December 10, 11:08 am). Rieben’s chart shows this with respect to FB (Source: Greg Rieben Twitter, December 10, 7:45 am).

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(Click on image to enlarge)

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As an aside, when I retweeted Rieben’s chart with the comment “Nice chart Greg Rieben but I’ll pass #Overvalued $FB”, Rieben testily replied, “Undervalued, overvalued I could care less. The chart looks good that’s all I know and I’ve been long $FB for years purely as a trend follower”.

A word to the wise: Never try to engage a pure technician on anything other than price. Their belief that only price matters is held so dogmatically that any comment referencing anything else i.e.. fundamentals, valuation, etc.. is met with the intolerance of a religious fanatic. It’s a fine line between appreciating their excellent charts while recognizing the dogmatism and limitations of their perspective.

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