Bayer Suffering Buyer's Remorse For Monsanto Acquisition

Even back then Monsanto was perhaps the most hated corporation in the world:

  1. By farmers around the world for the company's onerous terms—no replanting and severe legal penalties for doing so even in cases where this had been inadvertent—and dependence on an increasingly ineffective and dangerous weedkiller. And by many cotton farmers in India in particular when the company's supposedly pest-resistant GMO-cotton failed to resist the very pests it was supposed to repel and those pests ended up killing the crop.
  2. By a suspicious public, especially those seeking to stay away from genetically modified foods.
  3. By some agricultural scientists who began to doubt that such genetic modifications were for any purpose other than to addict farmers to the company's companion weedkillers which the crops were designed to resist.
  4. By a few prominent researchers who concluded genetically engineered crops may not be healthy for humans and whose careers were destroyed by Monsanto.
  5. By a widespread movement of anti-GMO activists trying get labels onto GMO foods and who have successfully launched a Non-GMO label that is gaining widespread traction.

I am reminded of the June 1997 cover of Wired Magazine near the nadir of Apple Computer's troubles. There were fears that the company would go out of business. (Hard to imagine now.) The cover had a haloed version of the Apple logo wrapped in a crown of thorns (or maybe barbed wire). Below was a single word: "Pray."

A friend of mine opined at the time that it would be hard to imagine such a cover for Microsoft whose Windows operating system even now remains rife with security issues, frequent screen freezes, and sluggish performance and yet dominates the operating system market. Does anyone love Microsoft Windows the way Apple customers love that company's products still today? (I switched from Windows to the Linux operating system in 2013 and never looked back.)

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