Apple Is Giving A Middleman The Axe – And Opening The Door For You

The Silicon Valley success manual is just three words; Faster, Better, Cheaper.

I heard it all over the place when I moved to the Valley in 1984, and over time, all sorts of industries have latched on to it in search of higher profit margins.

It takes Moore’s Law, which states that the number of transistors on a microchip doubles roughly every two years, and turns it into rock-solid business advice.

Even NASA made this their mantra back in 1992 when the agency embarked on an aggressive schedule of 16 launches, including sending a rover to Mars.

Tim Cook has clearly read this mantra too, and is making all of the hefty experience behind it his guide with his recent announcement of an ambitious plan for Apple Inc. (AAPLto use its own chips to power Mac computers.

This decision has the potential to more than triple computing power in some apple products, while saving customers as much as 10%, all while boosting profit margin.

I believe this is a very savvy move. And today, I will show you how it will help Apple continue to double the market’s return…

Apple products on table

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Going It Alone

Now then, Cook took the starring role in the recent Mac presentation, shot at the company’s sprawling Apple Park headquarters in Cupertino and streamed over the Web.

The switch to new chips had long been rumored, but the size of the announcement took most by surprise. Cook unveiled new versions of the Mac mini desktop computer and the MacBook Air

I use both of those models every day of the week and love them. But heavy users weren’t left out in the cold. Apple also upgraded the MacBook Pro line.

All of them will now feature Apple’s own M1 chip, replacing the Intel Corp. (INTC) processors that Apple had been using for the last 15 years.

The performance benchmarks make it clear why Apple made the switch.

Take the low-powered MacBook Air, for example. It will now come without a fan. Yet, it will still be 3.5 times faster than its previous, Intel-powered model.

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